AWID LR-2000 WS-UHF Windshield Tags (Lots of 50 Only)

AWID LR-2000 WS-UHF Windshield Tags (Lots of 50 Only!!!).

AWID LR-2000 WS-UHF Windshield Tags (Lots of 50 Only)

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AWID LR-2000 WS-UHF Windshield Tags

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Read Range up to 20 feet, Batteries not needed, passive tag, Passive RFID technology gives excellent price to performance ratio, Operating Temperatures from -58°F to 185°F (-50°C to +85°C)

Implementing the Gen-2 Protocol, AWID’s WS-UHF-0-0 windshield tag revolutionizes passive Long Range Vehicle access and identification control. Allowing for maximum environmental considerations, the WS-UHF-0-0 delivers true, hands-free access control and features tamper proof security preventing unauthorized removal. Easily mounted inside the car’s windshield via its adhesive backing, the WS-UHF-0-0 offers read ranges up to an astonishing 2

Proprietary encryption for the protection of card data, Maintenance free operation, No batteries needed, Small in size 4" x 1", Typical Reading Range: up to 20 feet, Up to 72 trillion or 72,057,594,037,927,936 unique codes, Custom graphics available on tags


We need you to verify and/or provide:
  1. AWID's part number for the cards that you use. If you need guidance on this, please contact AWID’s Technical support with a full description of your cards, and of the card reader with which you use the cards.
  2. Code format. Most commonly, this is the industry-standard format 26-bit-STD
  3. Facility code or site code. Normally this is a 3-digit number between 001 and 25.
  4. Starting number for the new sequence of ID numbers (different for each card). Normally this is a 5-digit number between 00001 and 65535.
    To locate the code information, you may check:

    • previous purchase orders for the cards that you now use
    • look up for printed information on your existing cards
    • look up the data in your access control system


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