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    Manage High & Low Traffic Flows with Programmable Gate Security Timers

    Programmable digital timers can help reduce wear and tear on your gates and its operators. A good 7-day digital timer can be programmed to allow full access during high traffic times and then shut the gates down tightly when it is time to secure the area during low traffic and non-business hours. This will reduce the wear on your gates, and it will also preserve your gate openers as well.

    The DTM-9 programmable timer can handle up to six different programmed events each week. It has large buttons and a large display, which make it easy to program and use any time of the day or night. It also has a battery back-up system that helps when the power goes out, and it also prevents surges or brown-outs from damaging the unit as well. The DTM-9 can work with a wide array of power sources, which makes it one of the more versatile security timers on the market.

    Industrial timers that are used to regulate gate activities can pay for themselves in several ways. They help to reduce the amount of activity your gates and gate openers are exposed to, and they also allow efficient access to your property during high traffic hours. A timer is a necessary investment for anyone who wants to get the most from their security gates. Get started with an easy-to-program digital timer today!

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