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    58 products

    Card Access Control Systems at Discount Prices

    There are several distinct advantages of electronic card access systems. Unlike standard metal keys, access cards are customizable. A unique code can be programmed individually, allowing you a greater degree of control and making it unnecessary to change locks. Electronic access cards are much harder to duplicate than standard metal keys, providing added security and eliminating the need for multiple keys. In addition, each card can be programmed for multiple doors allowing the property owner to create special clearances for different individuals. PSS Store has a wide selection of electronic card access readers to choose from and support to help get yours installed.

    Discover the Power & Control with Key Card Access Systems

    Card access control systems are perfect for large companies, universities, government buildings and other places that require different security clearances. Deciding which card access system is best for your property can be difficult. This is why PSS Store offers support and expert advice from real professionals. Simply contact us or call 1-800-676-4909 today to speak with one of our specialists regarding installation, parts and special features.

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