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    90 products

    Circuit Board Components, Parts & Accessories for Less

    The circuit board for gate opener systems is a key component that makes access and other functions possible. It connects the electrical parts of the gate opener allowing for mechanical opening, closing, push button operation and more. Circuit boards are often called control boards because without them a gate is simply a barrier.

    At Perimeter Security Systems we also offer a selection of electrical surge protectors that are compatible with the circuit boards found here.

    Circuit Board Repairs & Replacement Parts

    When it’s time to replace or upgrade the circuit board for a gate opener it’s critical that the one you choose be compatible with your current system. That’s why we carry one of the most comprehensive selections of circuit boards. In addition to complete circuit boards Perimeter Security Systems also offers circuit board parts for the repair or replacement of an existing system.

    If you’re having trouble finding circuit board components for your gate opener please give us a call at 1-800-676-4909, and we’ll be happy to help you find compatible parts. We have outstanding relationships with many manufacturers so getting the circuit board repair parts you need is no problem.

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