DoorKing (DKS) Access Controls

84 products

    84 products

    DoorKing Access Control Systems

    DoorKing Electronic Access Control Systems, quite aptly named since this company is truly the "king" of door and gate entry/access solutions, has been an industry leader since 1948 and has revolutionized the implementation of building and property safety and security. Our DoorKing Access Control Systems category contains hundreds of items related to access control, including:

    • Keypad access
    • Card access
    • Emergency access
    • Magnetic & electric locks
    • Battery backup systems

    Choose Your DoorKing Building Access Control Systems Features

    We feature DoorKing Access Control Systems for every type of situation – starting with simple, stand-alone residential systems such as the 1812 Classic or 1812 Plus that allow you to communicate with guests at your door or gate right through your existing telephone equipment. You'll also find DoorKing access control security systems that are more complicated and can control access and communication from multiple entry points including doors, gates, and even elevators. You'll find everything needed to put together the exact door access control systems to suit your needs, whether for home, office, apartments, schools, hospitals, or any other commercial or industrial application.

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