Safety Loops

79 products

    79 products

    Find Discount Driveway Safety Loops for Any Gate Operator

    Loop detectors and cables help relay signals between different components of a gate operator. The better the quality of the wire and detector, the faster and more reliable the signals transfer between devices. As a result, you get gates that open on command and last longer. Loop detectors sold by PSS Store can be installed under concrete, asphalt, pavers and even gravel roads making them durable and flexible enough for any project.

    Get Driveway Installation Assistance with PSS Store

    Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, PSS Store can guide you through the entire setup process. With over 40 years of installing and selling loop detectors and wires, you are sure to install your next gate operator like a pro. From tools to parts, PSS Store has a wide selection of items you will need to get your gate up and running. Need help deciding which parts are essential for your project? Simply contact us or call 1-800-676-4909 to speak with one of our gate operator specialists today!

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