DoorKing (DKS) Remote Controls

11 products

    11 products

    Convenience, Safety & Reliability of DoorKing Remotes

    One of the most convenient and secure ways to keep your gate or garage door functioning is with a DoorKing remote. These universal garage door remotes and electric gate remotes offer you easy access, while keeping your home or business secure at all times.

     DoorKing Inc opened its doors in 1948 and since then they’ve become a leading expert in the gate entry system industry. DoorKing offers reliable and innovative products that can help you maintain the security of your home or business.

    Perimeter Security Systems offers a wide selection of DoorKing products including the popular DoorKing Microplus Remote. These remotes have over 200,000,000 codes available and provide an encrypted ‘sync’ code that is sent out each time the transmitter is used. This means that each time you click the button to open your garage or gate, the remote generates a new code that will open the door the next time it’s used.

     In addition, you have the flexibility to choose from one, two or three button compact remotes that easily attach to a key ring. Each remote has the ability to open your gate or door from a convenient distance and changes the encrypted code after each use for your higher security.

     At Perimeter Security Systems, we want to ensure that you have the best products on the market. Your satisfaction and safety is our number one concern! If you are interested in learning more about our selection of DoorKing remotes, contact one of our DoorKing specialists at 1-800-676-4909 today!

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