Residential Slide Gate Openers

29 products

    29 products

    Find Premier Residential Driveway Gate Operators

    If your home is left unoccupied during the day, keeping it inaccessible and secure is a top priority. Sliding driveway gates prevent unauthorized entry when you're away, and provide convenient, one-touch access when you return. Typically operated by remote control, sliding gate openers trigger the opening and closing movement of your gate along its track, so you can get inside your protected area quickly and effortlessly. Optional features of residential driveway gate operators include automatic closing timers, tailgating protection, built-in battery backup, emergency release foot pedals and more.

    Our selection of home sliding gate kits and accessories includes everything you need for maximum security and peace of mind. We have the perfect gate openers to complement top-quality LiftMaster, Ramset, Eagle or Viking access systems. Whether you're seeking a model for light duty operations, or you have a gate that weighs 1000 pounds, we have your solution. Simply obtain your gate measurements and determine your requirements, and then browse our extensive selection to find exactly what you need to secure your assets and create a safe environment.

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