AWID SV-UHF Side View Tags (Lots of 50 Only)

AWID SV-UHF Side View Tags

AWID SV-UHF Side View Tags (Lots of 50 Only)

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AWID SV-UHF-0-0 SideviewTags

***When you add to cart, by selecting quantity 1 you will receive 50 tags***

AWID’s SV-UHF-0-0 hands-free side-view mirror tag combines excellent performance with very small size and secure application.  It is attached to the shell of the outside mirror, on the same side where the UHF long-range reader is installed.  For low visibility on a light-colored mirror, the SV-UHF tag may be adhered on the bottom edge of the mirror, facing downward.  The tag is secured by a strong adhesive.  Designed for one-time use, the tag is useless if it is pulled from its original position.  The tag’s surface or a long edge faces the reader.


  • Adheres permanently on shell of side-view mirror
  • Reading distance up to 25 feet (7.6 meters)
  • Out of sight on bottom edge of outside mirror
  • Secure - tag is disabled when removed


We need you to verify and/or provide:
  1. AWID's part number for the cards that you use. If you need guidance on this, please contact AWID’s Technical support with a full description of your cards, and of the card reader with which you use the cards.
  2. Code format. Most commonly, this is the industry-standard format 26-bit-STD
  3. Facility code or site code. Normally this is a 3-digit number between 001 and 25.
  4. Starting number for the new sequence of ID numbers (different for each card). Normally this is a 5-digit number between 00001 and 65535.
    To locate the code information, you may check:

    • previous purchase orders for the cards that you now use
    • look up for printed information on your existing cards
    • look up the data in your access control system

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