PRAE-IP-PBK-US WiFi Video Call Box with Keypad (On Sale)

PRAE-IP-PBK-US WiFi Video Call Box with Keypad (On Sale)
WiFi Video Call Box with Keypad by BFT - system calls smartphones

PRAE-IP-PBK-US WiFi Video Call Box with Keypad (On Sale)

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PRAE-IP-PBK-US WiFi Video Call Box with Keypad (On Sale)

The new Predator WIFI Video Intercom allows you to speak to and see visitors right from your smartphone. This innovative system is easy to set up with your mobile phone. Simply connect to the system video directly through your phone's wifi, enter the pass code for your home's hub wifi, and your devices are connected!

With the WIFI app, you can view your gate or door any time - whether you are home or away. It also allows you to open gates with your phone, giving you and your visitors ease of access.

WIFI Video Features

  • Speak to and see your visitors from your smartphone
  • Easy wireless connection to existing home WIFI
  • Long range directional patch antenna at gate (up to 200 yards)
  • Can call up to 4 devices at the same time
  • Get a video call from your gate/door, even when you're away
  • No SIM card, no call charges (data charges may apply when phone is not connected to wifi)
  • Technical Details:Power Supply: 12-15 VDC (includes adapter)
  • Current Consumption: 50mA standby, 300mA calling
  • Relay Outputs: 2 relays
  • Type: N/O & N/C contacts
  • Relay Time: Adjustable 1-10 secs
  • Relay Load: 2A 24V AC max
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Camera: Color, 90 degree, 640 x 480 pixels
  • Night Vision: Yes, by infrared illumination
  • App Name: Predator Wifi
  • Audio: Half duplex loud speaker mode (press mic icon to speak)
  • Keypad Option: Yes
  • Also known as PRAE-IP-PED-KP Praetorian IP Video Intercom
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