Platinum BLSW1016 Swing Gate Opener

Platinum BLSW1016 Swing Gate Opener
Platinum BLSW1016 Swing Gate Opener
Platinum BLSW1016 Swing Gate Opener

Platinum BLSW1016 Swing Gate Opener

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Platinum Model BLSW1016 Swing Gate Opener

Must have a photoeye to activate

  • Gate Capacity Max 1,000 lbs
  • Gate Length Max 16 ft

Product Overview

This residential and heavy-duty commercial swing gate operator is equipped with a powerful,  quiet, brushless DC motor and operates on 24 volt DC power.  In addition, this gate operator is built with a long-lasting, 7Ah  24V DC battery backup system that keeps the gate operational when AC power is unavailable.

The BLSW1016 is the first choice in heavy-duty commercial swing gate applications because of its many features.  First, this full feature state-of-the-art operator uses a 120/220V AC single-phase main power source and a unique maintenance-free, brushless DC motor.  The 120/220V AC power source is connected to a high-efficiency, switching power supply, which then provides the proper stable voltage to operate the gate operator.

Since the DC motor is brushless, there is no need to replace any brushes; whereas the brushed DC motor will eventually require brush replacement.  The brushless DC motor is quiet, powerful, and designed to last up to 10 times longer than the conventional brushless DC motor.  Moreover, the brushless DC motor’s typical life expectancy is between 10,000 and 20,000 working hours, compared to the conventional brushed DC motor’s 2,000 to 5,000 working hours, which is significant in terms of life expectancy due to the quality and design of our product.

Solar Panel Connectivity
This BLSW1016 model can operate with a direct solar panel connection, as an optional addition.

Battery Backup
The operator is also equipped with a built-in, powerful 24V DC battery backup system that uses two 12V, 7Ah lead acid batteries.  With this, there is more than enough power to keep the gate operational until AC power is available again.

Operating Conditions
This operator is designed to operate in any climate:
1) it does not require a gearbox or a battery heater to operate in temperatures’ up to –20°F
2) temperatures –20°F and –40°F require a battery heater, and
3) below –40°F requires a gear box and battery heater.

These unique engineering innovations are backed by the safety and reliability of the most advanced control board in the industry to ensure a smooth operation for any Platinum Access Systems operator.

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