Liftmaster LMTBUL Monitored Through-Beam Photo Eyes

Liftmaster LMTBUL Monitored Through-Beam Photo Eyes

Liftmaster LMTBUL Monitored Through-Beam Photo Eyes

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Liftmaster LMTBUL Monitored Through-Beam Photo Eyes

LMTBUL features integrated diagnostics with our 2018 UL® 325 Gate Operators.

Versatile Solution for entrapment protection. 
Long-Range Sensing Distance of up to 90 ft. (LMTBUL)
Built-In Heater for dependable performance in most environments. 
Increased Beam Angle for simple, reliable alignment.
Versatile Gimble Bracket for fine alignment and adjustability.
Warranty 2 years.

Alignment Strength Indicator signals optimal beam alignment.
Multi-View Led Lights indicate sensor status, simplifying installation. 
Wireless Network Capability eliminates the need to wire between operators in dual-gate applications (LMTBUL)

Safe and Secure
Secure Mounting Hardware for versatile performance in harsh applications.
Hoods Included for durability and shield from elements.
NEMA 4X Rated for superior weather resistance.
UL Recognized: tested and evaluated by UL and meet UL 325 requirements.


Stainless-steel sensor hood
Durable polycarbonate reflector hood
Powder-coated galvanized mounting brackets

Temperature Specifications

-40°F (-40°C) to 149°F (65°C)

Solid Blue—optimal alignment
Blinking Blue—LED blinks faster to indicate near alignment
Solid Red—misaligned or obstructed

Standard Features
Input Voltage and Current Draw Sensor: Black/Red Wires: 6.8V DC, 20mA
Heater: Green/White Wires: 10–40V DC or 8–28V AC, 2 Watts Max., 170mA at 120V DC/AC, 85mA at 24V DC/AC
Monitoring Technology: pulsed system
Interface: 4-Wire connection (2 for Eye; 2 for heater)
Sensor Compatibility: LMRRUL emitter is not interchangeable with LMTBUL emitter
Includes: brackets, hardware and 10ft. wire and hoods

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