FAAC Monolec Hydraulic Oil (Quart) - 714019 aka 714017

714019 Oil for FAAC
FAAC 714019 Monolec Hydraulic Oil (Quart)

FAAC Monolec Hydraulic Oil (Quart) - 714019 aka 714017

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FAAC Quart Monolec Oil

The FAAC Quart Monolec Oil works for FAAC 750, 760, 400, 422 & 402 openers.

Turbine grade rust & oxidation (R&O), Anti-Wear (AW) hydraulic oil designed for long life & excellent lubrication. Excellent low temperature properties as well as high dielectric strength for applications such as bucket trucks in electrical service. Contains unique oxidation inhibitor which reduces deposits. Excellent rust protection & contains MONOLEC, L.E.'s exclusive wear-reducing additive. In addition, special anti-wear additives are included for long component life & reduced wear. LE 714019 MONOLEC is particularly applicable where hydraulic systems have pumps & motors requiring oil with R&O and AW properties.

  • AKA 714017
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