EMX VMD202 Exit Probe 50' Lead (On Sale)

EMX VMD202 Exit Probe 50' Lead (On Sale)

EMX VMD202 Exit Probe 50' Lead (On Sale)

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The VMD202 Driveway Open Sensor (On Sale)

The  VMD202  vehicle  motion  detector  senses  moving  ferrous  metal  within  its  magnetic field. It has a detection range up to 12 feet at a minimum speed of 5 mph. A plug-in sensitivity remote finely tunes the VMD202 to fit any installation requirement  and  then  easily  detaches  to  prevent  unwanted  changes  or  tampering.  The  settings  are  stored  in  a  non-volatile  memory,  saving  them  in  case of power failure. The VMD202 accepts a wide range of power inputs from 9-41 VDC or 6-29 VAC and features a low current consumption (250uA standby / 12 mA activated) making it ideal for solar applications.

It is a compact, single-piece vehicle motion detector that operates by detecting changes in the earth’s  magnetic  field  that occur   near   the   probe.   It   has a detection   range up   to 12feetat   a minimum speed  of  5  mph.   The VMD202 will  only  detect  a  moving  vehicle  and  will  not  detect a stationary vehicle. Itmay be used as a free exit sensor to allow gates to open and guests to exit without the use of a key fob or pass code. The VMD202may also be wired to notify a home automation system or security  system  that  a  vehicle  is  moving  down  a  driveway.  This  vehicle  motion  detector features a detachable sensitivity remote


  • 50ft lead wire
  • Wide power supply options 6-41 VDC or 6-29 VAC
  • Probe assembly and wire are water tight and direct burial compatible
  • Harness is pre-wired onto lead wire for easy installation
  • Settings are placed in a non-volatile memory in case of power failure
  • Accepts wide range of power inputs from 9 – 41 VDC or 6 – 29 VAC
  • Low current consumption of 250uA standby and 12mA activated

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