Doorking Fire Box 1400-080

Doorking Fire Box 1400-080
Doorking Fire Box 1400-080

Doorking Fire Box 1400-080

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Doorking 1400-080 Padlock Ready

Always check with your local Fire Department for compatibility before making a purchase

Automatically activates the gate or door (model 1400 only) when padlock is removed and lock box is opened.

DKS Lock Boxes provide Fire Department and Postal Carrier access through automated gates or doors for emergency or postal personnel. Fire Department lock boxes are designed for padlock (model 1400) or Knox KS-2 (model 1401) key switch operation. Fire Department and Postal lock boxes do not include the key switch or padlock. These must be procured from the respective authority.

  • 14-gauge steel cabinet painted bright red.
  • Built-in switch for gate/door activation.
  • Blank label inside for written instructions.
  • Gate/door opens automatically when padlock (not supplied) is removed and door is opened.
  • Dimensions: 5.38"H x 4.5"W x 3.63"D. 
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