Doorking DKGL-S6-1 Magnetic Lock

Doorking DKGL-S6-1 Magnetic Lock

Doorking DKGL-S6-1 Magnetic Lock

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Doorking DKGL-S6-1 Maglock

The DKS series of Gate (DKGL) Locks offers a wide range of high-quality electro-magnetic Locks and Brackets to accommodate most access control locking requirements.

Gate Locks are designed for outdoor applications. The 1200 lb (544 kg) Lock provides an electrical enclosure with pre-drilled and tapped conduit holes on the top, bottom, side, and back, providing easy wiring and installation. The 600 lb (272 kg) Lock includes a built-in cable assembly for all wiring connections.


  • 600 Lb holding force magnetic lock.
  • Built-in cable assembly.
  • 12 or 24 Volt DC operation.
  • Face mounting only.
  • Quick release "pop" button on armature.
  • Built-in signal relay to indicate the status of the magnetic lock; secure or unsecured.


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