Doorking 1830-402 Replacement Memory Chip

Doorking 1830-404 Replacement Memory Chip
Replacement memory 1830-402
an illustration on how to install the replacement chip

Doorking 1830-402 Replacement Memory Chip

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Doorking 1830-402 Replacement Memory Chip

  • 1830-402 has changed to 1830-404
  • Original part
  • Used with models 1833, 1835, 1837 and 1838
  • Please consult your original user manual for compatibility. Picture and manual are provided as a reference only.

A new memory module will be used on the 1830 series entry systems. It will function identically to the old 1830-402 memory chip, which is obsolete, and plugs into the current memory chip socket. The arrow on the module is to be pointed UP, much like the dot and notch on the old chip.

The new module also has an LED labeled ACT, which flashes when the 1830 systems processor is accessing the memory module (like a hard drive LED on a computer).

The new module is interchangeable with the old memory chips and can be used in older phone systems.

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