DoorKing 1800-081 Cellular Module for Access Plus

Doorking 1800-081 Access Plus 3G SIM Card Module

DoorKing 1800-081 Cellular Module for Access Plus

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Doorking 1800-081 Access Plus 4G SIM Card Module

  • Used with: 1802-AP, 1808-AP, 1810-AP, 1812-AP, 1838-AP

Turn your system to wirelss with this sim card addition. The 1800-081 offers a full capable cellular interface that provides both voice communication and programming via the AT&T 4G-LTE Cellular network.  It is important to understand that the DKS Cellular service is the only service that will allow you to "push" the programming data directly from your computer to the entry system via the cellular network - a true machine to machine (M2M) connection.  Other systems claim they can be programmed via the cellular network, but this is accomplished with a series of text messages (Imagine trying to program hundreds of telephone numbers, names, card codes, holiday schedules, permission levels, hold open time zones, elevator control parameters, etc. with text messages) sent to the entry system, or by other wired connection means.  The ability to push the data directly from the computer to the entry system via the cellular network makes the DKS Cellular service unique in the industry.

1800-081 Specs

  • Voice communication only
  • AT&T 4G-LTE network (where available).
  • Provides telephone connections for up to two (2) DKS 1800 Series entry systems
  • Can be used to replace a POTS line on any brand of telephone entry system
  • 16 VAC input power (transformer provided)
  • Built-in battery backup (for cellular device)
  • Requires registration and subscription fee on the DKS Cellular network
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