BD Loop EL 28-100 Preformed Direct Burial Loop with 4' x 10' loop and 100' lead

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BD Loop EL 28-100 Preformed Direct Burial Loop with 4' x 10' loop and 100' lead

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BD Loop EL28-100 Preformed Direct Burial Loop

  • 4' x 10' loop
  • 100' lead

Used for installations under concrete, asphalt, pavers, or gravel roads. The most common installation is the loop tied directly to the rebar before concrete is poured. Wire is UL 493 certified designed for a direct burial application. Unlike loops wrapped through PVC, The BD Loop does not have an air pocket resulting in fewer repeat service calls due to phantom detection caused by ground vibration. Built with a high quality solid 14AWG wire out performing other preformed loops with twice as much copper per foot allowing higher detection. Solid 14AWG wire also results in the loop being very ridged giving the installer the opportunity to easily set-up and layout the loop and prevents the loop from falling in-between the rebar patter. Twisted jacketed lead-in prevents “coil back” from normal twisted lead-in, preventing wasted time untangling lead-in wires. The loop wire has arrows indicating the direction of current allowing easy understanding of phasing. Each loop comes with an installation kit including easy to understand instructions, cable ties for installation on top of rebar, ground stakes for under gravel roads, and stickers for easy identification after the loops have been installed.

Recommended installation tips:

* Offset the loop from the rebar pattern.
* Run lead-in through conduit.
* Residential applications recommend a 4’ short leg of the loop.
* Commercial application recommend a 6’ short leg of the loop.

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