Click2Enter Emergency Access System

Click2Enter Emergency Access System
Click2Enter Emergency Access System

Click2Enter Emergency Access System

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Click2Enter Emergency Access System

Always check with your local Fire Department for compatibility before making a purchase

Allows Entry of Emergency Vehicles through Gates using their own Mobile or Portable Radios, Programs Tightly Controlled Frequencies, Single or Double Pulse Radio Transceiver is all that is Required to Initiate Entry, Voltage 12-24VDC, Power Supply Included

Click2Enter-I takes advantage of state of the art electronics presently being designed into scanner radio technology. This modified scanner/radio technology provides public safety agencies with a quick, safe, reliable, and stealthy means to activate gates, bollards, doors, or any security control mechanisms.

Public safety agencies, such as Fire Departments, Police/Sheriff Departments, and Ambulance/Rescue Companies are issued radio frequencies by the FCC for their restricted use only. Possession of transmitting devices for non-authorized personnel is tightly controlled and transmitting on these frequencies is against the law (Federal & State statutes). The public's right to receive these emergency agency communications is not restricted, thus it is legal to possess emergency response scanning devices.

  • Scanner / receiver radio
  • Variable activation range via programming
  • One or two radio transmission "clicks" for activation
  • 50 channel capacity
  • Mutual aid compatible
  • Independent relay control for roll-up doors
  • Bright activation LED and power LED
  • Time/day/agency memory recall
  • CTCSS, PL/DPL private line (PL) programming capability
  • Will operate with carrier only for use with digital radio systems
  • Uses 12V to 24V DC Power Supplies(Click2Enter-I power will be a regulated 12V DC @ 500mA)
  • Unit enclosed in a NEMA Type 4 box, with security screws supplied
  • Relay or dry contact ready
  • Retrofit kits available for operation beyond temperature range specifications (hot & cold)
  • Reflective logo for night identification
  • Proprietary programming software built into each unit
  • User-selected PIN for security of programmed frequencies
  • Compatible with analog or digital radio transmitters, using private line sub-audible transmissions
  • Able to use aircraft AM band frequencies for airport access control operations
  • Enhanced user-programmable latch open feature lets you specify gate open periods from one minute to unlimited
  • Ability to handle high power mobile transmitters and lower power hand held portable transmitters
  • Able to capture and exhibit activation data log, via software
  • Computer software programmable using standard terminal emulation software
  • Able to operate in an "on-trunk" mode trunk'ed radio systems (single pulse mode only)
  • Able to use talk around carriers (car to car) of trunk line radio systems
  • Extra set of relay contacts to activate a multitude of devices
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